Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So the venue felt like an abandoned 90's hotel foyer and probably was. No one seemed to know what was happening or who was playing with who exactly... what ended up occurring was a band from Italy whose bass player seemed affected by the influence of some heavy amphetamine or muscle stimulant. Squadra Mega had two drummers who played full kits next to each other and this was a good feature of their band.

Camera have a profile in Berlin for playing spontaneous U-Bahn gigs at three in the morning and maybe because of this - or perhaps despite this - Dieter Moebius decided to play with them. He of Cluster fame also played in Harmonia with Michael Rother of Neu! so perhaps that is why Michael Rother chose to play with Camera and Moebius. I dubbed them at the time Romocam.

After this show of unity and brotherhood Sydney's Holy Soul came to play with Damo Suzuki and so there was no chance of an all out 70's crank party onstage, decided to play straight through for two hours until the shows end at almost three in the morning. Here is the first movement of the set, which I have named 'Damn You Rother'.

HBC, Berlin, October 22.

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