Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brian Jones presents...

The Master Musicians of Jajouka,
Brian Jones Presents The Pipes of Pan At Jajouka

From 1968, these recordings captured by Jones and his cabal documents the Moroccan musicians status as hip influencers of the late sixties pop world continuing right through to the now (Lee Ronaldo who performed with them in 2003). Discovered by Brion Gysin and Paul Bowles in the fifties through Moroccan painter Mohamed Hamri, Gysin introduced Jones to the sounds in 1968 and the Musicians held sway at the beat hangout The One Thousand and One Nights in Tangier during the times. Recorded on two-track during the very dionysian festival for Pan, full of manic, panic inducing rituals, goat-sacrifice and intense, repetitive music, Jones took the recordings back to ol' blighty and duly fucked with them until they sounded pleasing to his warped reality (completing the project just before his death in '69). This album is apparently the first 'World' music record to be released. Good onya Jonesy.

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